working from home

Hybrid Work Model GEMMA COLLINS DOYLE EHS Consultant EazySAFE In 2020 the world changed, in so many ways. While there were many negatives to what we have all had to deal with in the last two years, there is definitely some positives too. One of those positives (for most employees) was the ability to work from home.   As workplaces start to reopen, companies are finding that their employees are not eager to give up working…

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man unloading boxes

Manual Handling GEMMA COLLINS DOYLE EHS Consultant EazySAFE Back injuries and back pain are something that most people suffer during their lifetime. A lot of the time, back injuries happen in the workplace. In fact, according to the HSA manual handling accidents are the most common accidents (2019) and these accidents usually cause back injuries. So, it makes sense for any company to focus on reducing all manual handling risks as much as possible to ensure employees are…

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employees in office environment

The office is not the first place you would think of when you think of safety at work! Office places would not usually fall into the high-risk category, but this does not mean that no hazards exist here. Let’s take a closer look. A job where most work tasks are carried out while sitting in a chair in a climate-controlled office would …

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