working from home

Hybrid Work Model GEMMA COLLINS DOYLE EHS Consultant EazySAFE In 2020 the world changed, in so many ways. While there were many negatives to what we have all had to deal with in the last two years, there is definitely some positives too. One of those positives (for most employees) was the ability to work from home.   As workplaces start to reopen, companies are finding that their employees are not eager to give up working…

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ouvrier prenant des notes sur son bloc note

Risk Assessment GEMMA COLLINS DOYLE EHS Consultant EazySAFE We hear the term risk assessments bandied about all the time regarding health and safety. However, from my experience, many people are unaware of how important they are, what they are and how they really are the foundation of ensuring you are adhering to health and safety legislation and maintaining your health and safety management system.   In simple terms, a risk assessment is a thorough examination of what, in a workplace, could cause harm,…

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open space

Planning Your Return to work JENNY COLLINS EHS Consultant EazySAFE The Irish Government have issued an easing of COVID-19 restrictions with a phased return to the office, emphasising flexibility from 20 September 2021. This brings a lot of consideration and yet more change for Organisations. COVID-19 forced a mandatory ‘work from home’ arrangement from March 2020. Overnight, employers and employees had to create new ways of working and engaging from a distance, to regain autonomy…

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