fire safety at home

Fire Safety in the Home GEMMA COLLINS DOYLE EHS Consultant EazySAFE We are in our homes a lot more these days, using a lot more energy and a lot more appliances! If you have never thought about fire safety in your home, then please do not put it off. Review it now and plan, it's never time wasted.   Fire Safety in the Workplace I will be the first to admit, I would be more…

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emergency evacuation plan

Emergency Evacuation Plan for Your Home – The Steps to Take in Order to be Prepared COLIN O'NEILL EHS Consultant EazySAFE One of the first questions I ask a group when I am delivering Fire Warden or Fire Safety Awareness Training is, “Who here has an emergency evacuation plan for their home?” Unfortunately, it is surprising if I get more than one person in a group saying yes... The initial reaction is nearly always the…

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