The Right to Disconnect

The Right to Disconnect LISA QUINN O'FLAHERTY Solicitor Fitzsimons Redmond Ready access to technology, coupled with the steep rise in remote and hybrid work, has allowed the lines between work life and home life to become blurred. Many workers will check in on emails and take calls outside of their usual working hours. While flexibility from both employees and employers is particularly appreciated in times of crisis, an expectation to be always available can lead to stress and burn-out for employees.   …

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fire safety at home

Fire Safety in the Home GEMMA COLLINS DOYLE EHS Consultant EazySAFE We are in our homes a lot more these days, using a lot more energy and a lot more appliances! If you have never thought about fire safety in your home, then please do not put it off. Review it now and plan, it's never time wasted.   Fire Safety in the Workplace I will be the first to admit, I would be more…

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