Wellness Moments

Wellness moments

Wellness Moments are online experiences that promote workplace wellness. Unlike online training courses, there is no assessment at the end and these should be offered as voluntary options for your staff. They can be rolled out as part of your Corporate Wellbeing Programme for promoting wellness in your workplace.

Workplace Moments have a range of topics from work-life balance, developing mental fitness and resilience, occupational burnout, mindfulness and stress management.

Wellness Moments Available on our Learning Centre:

  • Moment : Developing Mental Fitness
  • Moment : Working from Home Wellness Tips
  • Moment : Coping with 10 common winter illnesses
  • Moment : Office Deskercises
  • Moment : Work Life Balance as a Parent
  • Moment : Coronavirus (COVID-19) Bulletin
  • Moment : Are you burning out?
  • Moment : Email etiquette
  • Moment : Thrombosis Awareness
  • Moment : Winter Driving
  • Moment : Conseils pratiques pour bien appréhender le télétravail
  • Moment : Mental Health First Aid
  • Moment : Heroes Wear Masks
  • Moment : Online Meetings 101
  • Moment : Hidden Dangers in the Office
  • Moment : Another round of COVID-19
  • Moment : The 6 month wall
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