Visitor Inductions

Visitor Inductions

Our dedicated in-house e-learning development team can tailor any of our standard courses to be company or site specific. You can also give us your own course content and we can convert it to e-learning.

How it works for Visitors

Receive instruction sheet from Site Host

Complete visitor induction offsite

Complete the training online

Print and sign SafetyPass

How it works for Security

Validate vistor’s SafetyPass on arrival

Visitor proceeds to site safely

Set a deadline after which contractors can not enter without a valid SafetyPass

Validate contractor documents for compliance

Streamline Your Induction Process

We help companies to prevent injuries by making safe behaviour and workplace conditions part of their work culture.

Any visitors coming to site should be made aware of the site rules, evacuation procedures, parking and welfare facilities and their assembly point. Visitors should receive a consistent safety message no matter where they are based. Allowing visitors to take an online induction before they arrive means that they can arrive to your site inducted and knowledgable about your site practices. The EazySAFE course library also covers a range of environmental, health and safety and HR topics. Most of all they can be either used off-the-shelf or can be adapted to suit individual company needs.

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Discover our Safety Training Platform

Train your employees anytime, anywhere with our environmental, health, safety and wellness training platform.

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Discover our safety training courses and ehs onboardings, which can be customised and offered in several languages.

eazysafe platform


Ensure the distribution of your safety policy by training your permanent, temporary or seasonal staff.

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Simplify the management of your safety policy thanks to the numerous dashboards and training reports.

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