Employee Inductions

Employee Safety Inductions

The online employee induction enables staff to take their training before they commence work and arrive on day one with their certificate in hand, ready to hit the ground running.


The safety induction program provides all the information required for new employees to take up their new positions. Its aim is to inform new employees of their obligations, rights and responsibilities in terms of safety and risk prevention. A genuine tool for integration into the company, it helps formalize rules of conduct, communication, risks and their prevention methods, emergency procedures, protective equipment, etc.


Regulation of the Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974 requires employers to provide information, training, and direction to ensure the safety at work of their employees. Companies need to make a statement showing the procedure on safety and ensures that all staff members are mindful of it and any revisions made to it.


Ideally, any person who is new to a workplace needs to attend a safety induction—this includes employees, contractors, volunteers, and visitors. It is also recommended that employees be equipped with regular training to ensure that everyone is aligned with any changes to the safety procedures and aware of any possible hazards in the workplace.

How Online Employee Induction works for Employees

Receive instruction sheet with job offer

Register, log in and complete the employee induction training online

Print and sign the certificate and bring it along on the first day of work

How Online Employee Induction works for Managers

Send instruction sheets to new employees with their letter of job offer

Collect certificates from employees on their first day

Validate certificates online


The information contained in the safety induction may vary according to your activity, your sites, or the target audiences… Generally, it contains the following information:

  • The company’s internal regulations
  • Working and traffic conditions
  • Communications
  • Emergency procedures
  • Risks and associated preventive measures
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Fire prevention equipment

To get the EazySAFE “Employee Safety Induction” online training certificate, participants must complete the entire course and obtain a score of at least 70% in the final assessment following the course. In this case, participants will be provided with a link to their certificate in PDF format. This certificate will remain available in the platform’s “History” menu, so that it can be accessed at any time.

Streamline Your Induction Process

We help companies to prevent injuries by making safe behaviour and workplace conditions part of their work culture.

“Elverys Intersport use the EazySAFE system to deliver online Employee Induction training to our staff at all 56 stores in Ireland. New employees complete their Induction Training at home, and arrive on their first day with their completion certificate in hand. Using the EazySAFE system saves time for store managers welcoming new starters to their store and lets them get straight into the practical elements of the job. The employee handbook and new starter form is available to download through the course so this information can be read and signed off prior to beginning work.

We find the system very straightforward to manage. The reporting is concise, making it easy to keep track of employee inductions. We can easily review all training records from head office, safe in the knowledge that our staff are receiving the same consistent health and safety training across the board.”

Elverys Intersport


Train your new employees even before they arrive on site

Manage your safety training policy from a single platform

Track your employees’ progress and optimize your training program

Involve your staff in all languages

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