How to Create a Positive Work Environment

Gemma Doyle


EHS Consultant


So much of our time is spent in the workplace these days, it’s pretty critical to ensure that this place stays positive! Not an easy task, for sure, with multiple personalities, deadlines, stresses, egos and a host of other challenges. How can we create a more positive work environment for all employees, so that they can strive in their role, be happy and you as a company get the very best from them?

When employees feel valued, respected and genuinely happy in their role, they will perform better and stay motivated and work as a team. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this responsibility rests only with the HR department! Each department, each manager and every single employee has an impact on how positive or not so positive a workplace will be.

“Be the CHANGE you want to see in the WORLD” – MAHATMA GANDHI

One of the big players in this, is the attitude that we all bring to the workplace on a daily basis. If we show trust, respect, encouragement and patience, we are more likely to see them in return.

As Gandhi said:
“Be the change you want to see in the world” – In this case, the world is your workplace!

Try some of these tips below for creating a more positive work environment!


Bring in the Gratitude!

We are all on tight deadlines, under some sort of pressure, but saying thank you and meaning it goes a long way. Take the time out to say thank you to someone who just made your workday easier or who put a smile on your face!



Everyone has an opinion and everyone has a right to voice it. It may not always be the idea you want to hear, but it shows respect and acknowledgement when you give everyone the same opportunity. Everyone on your team will have great ideas, give them a chance to shine!

“Happy employees = happy workplace = great work”


Spread Happiness and have some Fun!

The world would be a very grey place if we didn’t have a little fun and smile some more! Yes, a workplace is a serious place, but you have got to have balance. Happy employees = happy workplace = great work. It doesn’t cost a thing to smile and say hello.


Positive Reinforcement

We all love to hear some positive feedback on the way we have done a job, completed a project or just the “way” that we work. One positive comment from another employee could be enough to keep the fire of enthusiasm burning all week!


Get outside!

Try and make it a habit (when the weather allows!) to get outside in the daylight and fresh air, at least once during your working day. Get the blood pumping and oxygenate that body!


Talk it through

We are all guilty of it… sending the odd one or two unnecessary emails! Before you start tapping away on an email to a co-worker who sits two desks away, stop! Think. How about getting up, walking over and having a quick discussion about the topic? Hey presto, you just saved yourself and them another unwanted email! We are human, we like to talk, we need to communicate and it doesn’t all have to be recorded on email.


Mark the Milestones

It’s important to celebrate the wins, acknowledge achievements, awards, certs etc. at meetings or go out for lunch. Why not make a note of people’s birthdays and make a tradition to have coffee and cake. It’s nice to take time out as a group and catch up with people on a personal level.


Share your motivation

So, you are feeling super motivated, happy and content? That’s great! How did you do it? Care to share? Share your pearls of wisdom with your fellow employees. Are you doing something different, found a more productive way of doing something? Let others in on the secret and help them to feel motivated too.


Uplift your physical work environment

Our physical environment has a big impact on our mood and our productivity. Make sure employees have had their work area assessed by carrying out an ergonomic assessment. Consider colours, lighting, noise and even bringing in some life, like a nice green plant!


Work-life Balance

We hear this phrase bandied about all the time, but does it really exist? Does your company fully support it, or are you happy to see your employees putting in a twelve hour day and dragging themselves in again the next morning with nothing else left to give? When employees fulfil their various needs and goals in life (apart from work), they can feel more confident about themselves and in turn be the best employee possible. Work-life balance ensures that employees are exposed to more real life experiences outside work, which can promote creativity and forward thinking in the workplace.


At the end of the day, we are all doing the best we can, so it’s important that the place that we spend so much of our time is as positive as it can be. No job or no company is perfect, but a good company knows that inspiring and motivating its employees and creating a positive work environment will bring out the best in everyone.

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