EHS Compliance Software for the Food & Drink Manufacturing

As with other industries, individuals working in the food and drink industry may be completely unfamiliar with workplace risks. It is vital to ensure that each individual employee and contractor understands the importance of health and safety in the workplace through the provision of multilingual EHS training and effective communication. Training should be clear, simple, consistent and traceable from induction throughout employment.

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Online induction training

EazySAFE have developed an easy-to-use and very cost-effective solution to deliver high quality online environmental, health and safety training to contractors and employees before they commence work.

Among the benefits of online induction training is the fact that it ensures all staff and contractors on all sites receive consistent training in their own language. This helps to instil the safety values of the company from day one.

Contractor Document Management

The EazySAFE Learning Centre provides a central place to systematically capture key contractor documents. Contractor documentation is gathered from contractor companies and individual workers prior to the contractor arriving on site, This gives you greater control and peace of mind, with access to accurate contractor information in real-time. Expiry dates are set for each document and reminders sent prior to expiry to ensure all contractors remain in compliance.

The EazySAFE Contractor Documentation module allows you to easily access and manage all compliance documents in one place, saving time for you and your team, and helping to streamline your Contractor Management System.

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