Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP)

Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP)

Under the Safety, Health and Welfare (Construction) Regulations 2013 duties and responsibilities have been placed on PSDP in order to improve the health and safety in the construction industry by engaging all the participants in a project from conception to completion. EazySAFE [incorporating Phoenix Safety] can provide the safety expertise and competence to assist designers, architects, project managers etc, in fulfilling the PSDP and Health and Safety Coordinator roles.

The role would include the following functions:

  • Meeting with and advising the client on the client’s duties and responsibilities under the Regulations and the Safety, Health & Welfare Act 2005.
  • Attending Design Team meetings and liaising with Design Team leader, as required, to fulfil the duties of PSDP under the Regulations, recording health & safety issues, and ensuring that particular hazards and risks are addressed in an appropriate manner.
  • Preparation of a brief overall Design Safety Review to be issued to the Client summarising the risk assessments of all the designers (and the actions arising there from).
  • Preparation of a Preliminary Health & Safety Plan for the construction of the project.
  • Assisting the client in assessing the competency and sufficiency of resources of Contractors to act both as Project Supervisor (Construction) Stage and as Contractors if requested.
  • Attending site and site meetings during the construction phase, as required, fulfilling the duties of PSDP under the Regulations.
  • Preparation of a Safety File and issuing the PSDP Safety File to the Client.
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