Gas Handling Safety Course

gas handling safety

Training Aim:

This is a one day course designed to provide the course participants with the necessary knowledge of safe storage, transport and handling of pressurised gas cylinders in the workplace.

Training Objectives:

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Read and understand the cylinder identification and colour coding.
  • List the requirements of safe storage, carriage and handling of gas cylinders.
  • Identify any Health and Safety hazards appropriate to working with gas cylinders.
  • Inspecting and keeping the gas cylinder and associated equipment safe.

Training Programme:

  • Discuss relevant legislation relevant to hazardous gases.
  • Knowing your gases in relation to the colour coding, labels, fittings etc.
  • Workplace safe storage and transport of cylinders.
  • Securing gas cylinders in storage and in use.
  • Inspection and maintenance of all gas fittings.
  • Handling leaking cylinders in the workplace.
  • Fire safety precautions with gas cylinders.
  • Additional Hazards – when welding & cutting.
  • Personal Protective Equipment required when using gases.

Training Methods:

  • Classroom presentation on projector, supplemented by videos, and flip chart discussions throughout the course.
  • Course handouts, training records, evaluation forms are also provided and used.

Who Should Attend:

Those workers whose work involves the storage, use or transport of gas cylinders.

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