First Aid Response (FAR) Course

First aid response

Training Aim:

To provide the learner with the knowledge, practical skills and understanding required to provide and co-ordinate first aid in the workplace in compliance with the requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007; Part 7, Chapter 2 : First Aid.

Our Occupational First Aid Course meets the requirements of the syllabus for QQI Award Level 5 Occupational First Aid as set down by the Health and Safety Authority.

Training Objectives:

Learners who successfully complete the course will:

  • Understand the responsibilities of an Occupational First Aider.
  • Be able to provide treatment for the purpose of preserving life or minimising the consequences of injury until discharge or the arrival of medical assistance.
  • Be able to provide treatment in the workplace for an injury which does not require the attention of a medical practitioner or nurse.
  • Be capable of co-ordinating first aid arrangements in the workplace.
  • Be familiar with health and safety legislation on first aid provision in the workplace.

Training Online:

Course Introduction.
Unit 1 – First in the Workplace.
Unit 2 – Patient Assessment.
Unit 3 – Respiratory Emergencies.
Unit 4 – Cardiac First Response.
Unit 5 – Wounds and Bleeding.
Unit 6 – Altered Levels of Consciousness.
Unit 7 – Muscloskeletal Injuries.
Unit 8 – Burns and scalds, chemicals, electric shock.

Course De-Brief and Assessment.

Training Attendance:

This programme requires a high level of trainee participation and interaction where the theory is enhanced by practical demonstration of skills and practical application by trainees.

Assessment & Certification:

  • Certification assessments (theory and practical) will be held on Day 3 of the course.
  • Unit assessments will be performed as per unit.
  • Certificates are valid for 2 years.

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