Construction Site Safety Audits

construction site safety audit

Professional Construction Site Safety Audits:

As part of identifying health and safety standards on the construction site, it is important to continually monitor, measure, review and document the health & safety issues. A safety audit collates all such information, thus enabling the project supervisors to plan, organise and control existing and upcoming site work in a safe and efficient manner.

Under the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act, 2005, The General Applications 2007 and the Construction Regulations 2006, employers on construction sites have legal obligations to employees, self employed, contractors, visitors, members of the public and others. Clients, designers and project supervisors (construction stage) have varying and distinct obligations.
Site employers also have obligations to provide information, instruction and training to new employees, contractors, visitors and others. Toolbox talks enable employers to dispense such information etc, thus initialling the site safety culture and consultative process.
Toolbox talks are an integral part of any health and safety induction to a site. The talks (tailored to specific personnel) will set the standards expected from all participants – while they are on the site. They will also communicate disciplinary measures that apply if there is a deficit in this area.
EazySAFE [incorporating Phoenix Safety] can provide a consultant to carry out a comprehensive Site Safety Audit on your behalf. This coupled with the induction Toolbox Talks will ensure that safety standards are paramount on your site.
Our consultants have a wide range of experience across all types of employment from industry, commercial, retail, local authority, government departments, and educational and financial institutions.

The benefits of Site Safety Audits are:

  • Interrogation of Safety File and Safety & Health plan
  • Examines employee/contractor health & safety standards in the workplace
  • Probes health & safety implications of any design/engineering changes
  • Explores the adequacy of (tested) emergency procedures
  • Investigates the efficacy of accident investigation/reporting and documenting
  • Documents collated detail of all health and safety monitoring and identifies trends
  • Combines all safety officer/committee/representative data
  • Ensures the Principles of Prevention are paramount on-site and as part of this that PPE is actively enforced

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