Chemical Agents Risk Assessment

chemical agent risk assessment

Professional Chemical Agents Risk Assessment:

A Chemical Agents Risk Assessment involves a study of the substances used in the workplace, how they are handled and their potential to cause harm. It provides organisations with the advice upon which action can be taken to eliminate or control risk.

Do you need to undertake a Chemical Agents Risk Assessment?

  • Do you assess the risk of all hazardous substances in your organisation?
  • Have you any new activities in place involving hazardous substances?
  • Have you assessed how substances are handled and their potential to cause harm?
  • Do you review your Chemical Agents Risk Assessments on a regular basis?
    If not, then let us do it for you.

How we can help with your Chemical Agents Risk Assessment?

Our Consultants will provide you with a full assessment and survey carried out in your organisation and recommendations made in priority order.

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